Sadacca Studios
Community Music Studios Sheffield, UK

Studio Facillities


At sadacca we have a range of facilities and equipment to suit any person with the passion for music we have.


Marley Suite -

The Marley suite is a 24 track Analogue / Digital recording studio with a vintage Sound Craft 2400 28/24 desk and full backline of drums, guitar amps and keyboards. Three live rooms with large windows encircle the central control room.

The studio is based around a MOTU 24 channel interface and Mac desktop running Logic, Ableton live and FL Studio.

Fully experienced sound engineers and trainees will provide clients with high quality recording, mixing and mastering. 

Not only is the Marley suite available for recording, but is also ideal as a rehearsal space and music production suite. 


The Grey Room -

The ideal studio for Digital Music Production and vocal recording. Acoustically treated to provide excellent reproduction of sound, and equipped with high quality vocal mics, monitors and Apple imac running Logic Pro X, Ableton and FL studio.

The red room -

The Red room is our dedicated practice room, equipped with a drum kit, guitar and bass amp, electric guitars, bass guitars, mics, PA system and keyboards.

Back line and breakables are available on hire.



Multi-purpose space for meetings, administration, and teaching.